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Beyond Good and Evil 2

bge22 01 - Beyond Good and Evil 2

The sequel to one of my favorite games of all time (and a game that not enough people played) has finally been announced.  Ubisoft launched a teaser video at their Ubidays 08 event in Paris, for Beyond Good and Evil 2.  The original was released for Gamecube, Xbox, PS2 and PC to critical acclaim, but never really took off with gamers (probably because it isn’t a first person shooter) so I really doubted that a sequel would be made.  This is great news, and now you should all rush out and buy a copy of the original so you too can feed the excitement.

You can see the trailer here – Link

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Ubisoft site – Link

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  • the graphics look great, but it’s hard to get a sense for what the game is like from that trailer if you haven’t played the original. well lets just say my interest has been sparked.

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