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The Chicago Cubs have the worst fans in baseball?

cubs1 - The Chicago Cubs have the worst fans in baseball?

While doing some work a few weeks ago, I had the Cubs vs. Brewers game on in the background. I heard a big hit happen so i turned to watch and what I saw has been all to typical of the Cubs terrible fans.

This hit was to the left field corner and the Brewers Ryan Braun made a good play off the wall and was turning to throw the ball in when some “intelligent” Cubs fan decided to toss a drink at him on the field. Why? This is just another example in a long line of classless things that Cubs fans do on a regular basis. But I guess that when your fan base is mostly people who are there to “be cool” and get drunk, this is what happens. This is not a knock on the “real” Cubs fans who follow their team feverishly game to game, this is a direct shot at what the typical home Cubs game has become. A lot of people hate “The Nation” and “The Evil Empire” but to me Cubs fans take the cake.

So says Marty Brennaman (The Cincinnati Reds announcer)

The “all too intelligent response from “Super Fan” (does he even address what Marty says?)

Hey everyone throw trash on the field…………..

Oh wait this has become common occurrence……….

I don’t even need to talk about “Bartman” of “The Goat

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  • Normally I can get behind your posts, Cal, but I can’t get behind this one. You make it sound like the stupid fans outnumber “the ‘real’ Cubs fans who follow their team feverishly game to game.” The reality of the situation is that every professional sports team has its fair share of embarassing fans. I’ve been to a couple Cubs games, and I can say that a good majority of the fans I have observed are respectful and enthusiastic “fans who follow their team feverishly game to game.”

  • I respect your opinion and thank you for reading, but I would have to say that the amount of “bad” fans on average is much higher at Cubs game. I have been to a good portion of the other major league parks and I watch a lot of baseball (yeah I am a loser that owns the MLB Extra Innings), and I am appalled by what goes on out in the outfield bleachers almost every game. How many other cities have baseball stadiums that are the “cool” place to be? I can think of 2. Yankee Stadium and Fenway, but both by comparison (don’t get me wrong they have some shitty fans) are much more tame.

  • I’m not a baseball fan by any stretch of the imagination and I’ve only been to Wrigley once. However, living in IL i know a lot of Cubs fans and many of those cubs fans don’t like sitting with the “bleacher bums” for their classless antics. I think it’s telling with the teams own fans don’t like sitting in a section. Also, there is something about the cubs that many people not just locals latch on to, “the lovable losers” and this idea that someday they’ll overcome it all. so many having fans that aren’t local adds to this disrespect, people tend not to care about something that isn’t their own.

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