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Yeah, I do watch a fair amount of crap, but their are a few goodies mixed in this week.

Sanjuro – 9.0/10 (A worthy sequel to Yojimbo, Kirwosawa was a true master of cinema. Once again it follows the wandering samurai who is a little bit foul tempered and is far from the typical depiction of the calm, collected samurai that you see in most films.  In this installment the samurai Sanjuro helps a clan rescue their leader from a rival faction, in a nontraditional fashion. Once again he finds himself playing both sides to his utter advantage.  You know with Kurosawa that you will get a great story and great cinematography.)

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead – 4.5/10 (I haven’t seen this one in years, (frankly I haven’t wanted to either) because it simply isn’t a good movie. Whatever happened to “great” Kristina Applegate films like this gem? Most everyone saw that bad movie “Home Alone”, this movie is just a different take on the same kind of premise.  With her parents out of town and her babysitter dead Kristina somehow fakes her way into getting a job with a fashion design company.  Her siblings are utterly useless and her stoner brother played by Keith Coogan is unbearable.  I remember liking this film more than this.)

Mom and Dad Save the World – 4.0/10 (Where do you really start with a movie like this? John Lovitz, Jeffery Jones and Terri Garr (yeah i know a stellar cast, but hey Terri Garr is at least something to look at) star in this movie about a planet filled with idiots trying to blow up Earth. (This is the part where you insert “hilarity ensues”) but that would be an out and out lie.  This is supposed to be a little tongue and cheek but there really isn’t any thing funny or witty about it.)

Scoop – 6.5/10 (Had Woody Allen not been in this movie, it would have been a solid point and a half lower, as he carried this movie from so-so to a funny murder/mystery (yeah go figure a Woody Allen movie that is a murder/mystery). They tried their best to make Scarlett Johnassen not look attractive (the complete opposite of Match Point).  Ian McShane and Hugh Jackman are both solid, Scarlett is laughably bad at times and I can see the issues that people have with this film.)

If – 6.0/10 (An early Malcom McDowell film about British society set in a boy’s school. Malcom and his friends, not being conformist, are mischievous at every opportunity. This movie strangely mixes black and white with color and has some weird fantasy sequences but it builds to a grand ending as the rebels take on their oppressors.  This film is a social commentary of the schools of the time.)

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