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Animal Collective – Water Curses (A Track by Track Review)

WaterCurses - Animal Collective – Water Curses (A Track by Track Review)

Assembling the leftovers from Strawberry Jam with a couple of more tracks into an all new Ep.  Is this Ep the next step in the Animal Collective evolution (Strawberry Jam), or just a jumbled mess of noise (Hollinndagin)?

  1. Water Curses – 9.5/10 ( Hands down one of the best tracks of the year.  Taking more of a digital approach to song, they have crafted a real pop sounding gem while keeping intact all of the things that make the band great (organic weirdness, strange lyrics, great hooks).  You can tell the profound influence that Panda Bear’s solo career has had on this song, but it doesn’t get marred down in repetition.  A must download track)
  2. Street Flash – 9.0/10 ( This song has been a live staple for years, and fans have been begging for a formal release.  Their wishes have been heard, and I have to say the simple, yet elegant song clocking in near 7 minutes, delivers.  Built around a basic 3 chord, heavily flanged guitar riff, this is an Avey Tare song through and through.  You expect that it will build into a big crash, but instead it excels at creeping in and out of your mind with vocal modulations and typical A.C. background noise.  Reminds me off the best stuff on “Feels”.)
  3. Cob Webs – 7/10 ( This is the first song that sounds like a b-side, but that isn’t to lessen it’s quality.  Animal Collective have filled their full length cd’s with amazing tracks and you could see why this song wouldn’t fit in.  Cob Webs sounds like a lot of what they have been playing at their shows recently which is a one off odd sounding dub.  Very organic sounding textures played in repetition in an almost throbbing cycle with hypnotic vocals that throw you in a trance.)
  4. Seal Eyeing – 7.5/10 ( Seal Eyeing ambles along on a slinky piano riff sounding like it was written by an underwater society.  I hate to use these words so often but they are so accurate when I say that it is very trance and hypnotic giving you a feeling of bobbing underwater in a symphony of waves)

Overall Score – 8.3/10

I highly recommend this Ep to anyone looking for something different (I don’t have to recommend it to fans because they will be buying it no matter what I say).  A great disc to roll down your windows this summer, turn up the volume, and get lost in yourself for awhile.

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