Mix Tape Music

Classic Emo/Indie Mixtape – A.B.C’s

black cassette tape - Classic Emo/Indie Mixtape – A.B.C’s

The Appleseed Cast – Moment #72

A Minor Forest – Armigh Is A Hovercraft   (yeah I know I am kinda cheating with this one)

Boliermaker – Trunk

Boy’s Life – Fire Engine Red

Braid – Nineteen 75

Camber – Temporary

Cap’n Jazz – Little League

The Casket Lottery – Midway

Christie Front Drive – November

The Crownhate Ruin – Stretched Too Thin

Cursive – The Road To Financial Stability


  • Christie Front Drive was one of the first emo bands that I really got into that I could consider emo besides Sunny Day Real Estate. What weirder is that even the hardcore guys that I was in X Check with seemed to dig CFD as well.



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