Fiver (diggin in my cd vault)

dcff front - Fiver (diggin in my cd vault)dcff vinyl a - Fiver (diggin in my cd vault)

dcff vinyl b - Fiver (diggin in my cd vault)










From 1994-2005 a band from Little Modesto, CA called Fiver barely made a blip on the Indie radar, but their cd’s are still get a fair amont of spin from me.

 Known most notably for their split 7″ that they did with Death Cab For Cutie (see picture above), Fiver churned out 4 full length cds on the now defunct “The Devil In The Woods” record label.  They mixed a pop tone with odd guitar melodies and topped it with some odd sounding vocals to make one of the more unique sounding bands of the 90’s emo movement.  They sound like an evil bastard child of Superchunk.  My favorite album was “Strings for Satellites” which had more than its fair share of good jams.


Don’t Tell Me How To Rock, I’m From Here (from Strings for Satellites )

Sleep Tight    (from the Death Cab For Fiver split)

Full Length Discography:

  • Strings For Satellites (2000)
  • Eventually Something Cool Will Happen (2000)
  • Here It Comes (2002)
  • Let It All Fall Down (2004)

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