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yojimbo - DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

This week I take a look at some classics, some Oscar winners and one really bad movie.  “Weather you kill 1 or 100, you’ll only be hung once”

The Hills Have Eyes – Score:3.5/10   (A supposed “movie” about a group of fall out victims who prey on innocent travelers, this movie fails to leave first gear.  A very shallow and unbelievable plot has a hard time wrapping itself up at the end.  A lot of death and stupidity abound.)

Yojimbo – Score: 9.5/10  (A true Kurosawa masterpiece, and there were many.  The story of a lone samurai who plays both sides of a clan war to his advantage, so he can rid the town of both.  Once again Kurosawa puts his masterful lens to great use to tell a great visual story.  The strength of the film is the cunning skill that the samurai displays as he out whits each crime lord and always seems one step ahead.   Many of you have probably seen one of the remakes of this movie:”A Fistful of Dollars” or “Last Man Standing”, this movie is 100 times better than both.)

Cider House Rules – Score: 7/10   (Somehow I have managed to watch this movie twice in the last 4 months and for some reason that doesn’t bug me too much.  A story about an orphan named Homer (Toby Mcguire) who finds a new life and love as a grown up picking apples at an orchard.  He quickly learns that there is more  It is  There are some political undertones (abortion rights) in this movie but they didn’t distract too much for me)

PU-239 – Score: 8/10   (A nuclear plant worker is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation in a plant accident.  He has been blamed for the accident so will not receive pay, so this story really starts to roll as he tries to sell stolen plutonium on the streets so that he can take care of his family.  A solid movie)

Annie Hall – Score: 10/10    (Woody Allen plays a neurotic (yeah i know big surprise) comedian who finally finds the right girl, but can he do the right things to keep her?  This movie is really really funny and sometimes hits close to home.  Woody Allen’s general disdain for humanity and all of its flaws is on full display here and his self loathing has never been funnier.  Christopher Walken plays a very psychotic brother of  Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) albeit a small roll.  This is a must watch film and even made my all time favorites.  It’s ok, I can walk to the curb from here.)

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