Thursday Links

Human League Crash - Thursday Links

– The follow up to “Paris Je t’aime”, “New York, I love You” has a few interesting faces (Orlando Bloom, Scarlett Johanssan) – Link

Ain’t It Cool News has a great write up of all the upcoming Disney and Pixar movies – Link

– Paul McCartney’s divorce……….the computer game??? – Link

– Listen to “Water Curses” from the new Animal Collective Ep (of the same name) – Link

Tapes ‘n Tapes play some new tunes on DaytrotterLink

– Rush out and grab tickets, “Flock of Seagulls“, “The Human League“, “Naked Eyes” and a few other 80’s groups are on tour together this summer – Link

– Some bottles of Sam Adams beer have been recalled – Link


  • yeah i liked about 90% of Paris Je t’aime. I didn’t like the vampire one or the Mime one. Yeah the Steve Buscemi, Coen Brothers one was great

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