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sunnyday - Classic Indie Rock 

Sunny Day Real Estate were the pioneers of a great, early alt. rock/emo music scene, and in many instances way ahead of their time.  Paving the way for much of the music that was heard in the indie circuit circa 1996-2002.

The put out 2 monumental cds from 1992-1995 (“Diary” and “The Pink Album”) before they broke up.  They also released 2 cd’s after a reunion in 1998, one of them being “How It Feels To Be Something On”which I consider to be the best cd in their library.  But the true reason for this post is to dig up a few of the mostly unheard demos and b-sidesthat many people missed out on hearing when the band was around.  There is always room in your cd collection for Sunny Day Real Estate.

(just click on the song name to listen) 

Bucket Of Chicken – This song was originally created for “The Crow” soundtrack, but it was not used.  There is a 7″  floating around out there with this song on it.

Eye Of The Storm – This is a b-side from “The Rising Tide” album.

Holiday – This is another b-side from “The Rising Tide” album.

9 – The second song of their early “Thief, Steal Me A Peach” 7″

Spade and Parade – Off of the “Friday” 7″

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