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mist - DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

Since these movies have all been released to DVD, I am not going to bother with a full review, just a summary and a score.  Maybe they can serve as a guide for you Netflicks rentals. 

The Mist –  Score: 8.5/10    (Director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) hit a home run with this horror movie based on a Stephen King novella.  I am not usually a fan of horror movies because of the cheese factor coupled with a bunch of characters who do really dumb things, all tied together in one boring, heavy handed knot.  But this film bucks all standard trends with brilliant characters and character dynamics, a riveting script, and one hell of a shocking ending.  This movie is a must see if you can tolerate some blood.)

Frisky Dingo – Season 1    Score: 8/10    (I have loved most of what has been aired on adult swim over the past few years.  From the creators of Sea Lab 2021, this show has the same random humor, but with more of a week to week plot line.  Episode 6 is where this show hits its stride and the laughs don’t let up though the end.  My only complaint is about a lack on any features on the DVD…….Zero)

Dexter – Season 1    Score: 7.5/10    (A Showtime original series that has actually kept my attention about a police “blood” forensics expert who is also a serial killer.  I know this sounds like an odd mixture, but it plays out very well with an interesting storyline.  There are a few quirky characters in the show which keep me from giving it a higher score because they sometimes distract from the plot, and say really dumb things.)

The Lives of Others –   Score: 8/10   (The movie that beat out Pan’s Labyrinth for the “Best Foreign Language Film Oscar” in ’07 had to be good right?  Yes this was a very good movie, in the vein of “Army of Shadows” because it hits on the topic of the sacrifice of man.  It follows an East German Spy as he tracks the life of a West German sympathizer.  How the plot unfolds is very intriguing, and this was a very good film, but I still side with Pan’s as a superior film)

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