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Keeping in theme with today’s Kinsella story, ‘Make Believe” has a new record due out at the end of April.  Will it be the same madness of their previous efforts? 

Either you love them or you hate them, and their new album “Goin To The Bone Church” won’t change any minds.  This will be the 3rd proper full length from Tim Kinsella and Co., and it sounds much like you would expect:  Disjointed song structures, nonsense lyrics and insane guitar riffs abound. Check it out for yourself:


Or you can hear 30 second samples of the whole album here: Link

Track Listing:

  1. OOO-Yum
  2. Just Green Enought
  3. Sam Skating Backwards
  4. For Lauri Bird
  5. Wearin’ Torn
  6. Garden Stencil
  7. Goin’ To The Bone Church
  8. (I Can’t Understand) Satisfaction
  9. Taste, Touch, Smell, Deceit and Touch
  10. People Laughing

“Going To The Bone Church” is due out on LP and in digital form via Flameshovel Records on April 29th.

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