Some Jams To Start The Week

jams - Some Jams To Start The Week 

My music listening has been all over the map lately.  I found myself making mixes that had Battles, Serge Gainsbourg, Paul Simon, RJD2 and others mashed together in some odd sense of flow.  That is when I figured it was time to do a “listening to” update.

The Glorytellers – S/T  (their self-titled debut is finally out.  It sounds exactly like I thought it would.  Somewhere in between Karate and Geoff Farina’s solo work.  Good stuff)


Awake At The Wheel

Other Recommended Tracks: “Pry”, “Tears Of…..”, “Quarantine”


Patsy Cline – (various songs)  (as I said, my listening habits have been all over the map lately.  But Patsy sung some great songs in the early 60’s, I just love the era of music.)

Other Recommended tracks: “Strange”, “I Fall To Pieces”, “She’s Got You”


School Of Language – Sea From Shore    (I am bummed at the thought of Field Music not making another album, but this will suffice)


The Rockist Pt. 1

Other Recommended Tracks: “The Rockist Pt. 2”, “Marine Life”, “Extended Holiday”


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