Visit Nashville Pt. 1

img 1023 - Visit Nashville Pt. 1


I have made a some great discoveries around city and some that I could do without.  So I figured I would highlight a few of them, and maybe the next time you visit you will have some neat places to go.

Good eats:

  • Cafe Coco (my late night pick) – Link
    • Open 24hrs for that late night fix
    • The amount of hipsters is well balanced with every other walk of life looking for good eats
    • The only downside is the lack of free parking (my car got booted my first time there)
  •  San Antonio TacoLink
    • Located on the edge of the Vanderbilt campus (a second downtown)
    • Great mexican food for a great price
    • Grab lunch with a bucket of beers out on the deck for the full experience
  •  SambucaLink
    • Come as you are (feel comfortable in any outfit from jeans to a suit)
    • Live Music 7 nights a week
    • Great menu with a great selection of seafood
  •  Big River Brewery and GrillLink
    • For a chain this place has lots to offer
    • Great food (the spinich dip was top notch, as was the meatloaf)
    • Great Beer
    • Great location on the corner of Broadway (in the heart of downtown)
  •  Blackstone Restaurant and BreweryLink
    • The food was just “so so”
    • The beer was great and made up for the “ok” food
    • Great location on West End Dr.

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