A Show You Should Be Watching

bryan cranston 1007 lg - A Show You Should Be Watching

It is time for me to give some love to a show you should all be watching “Breaking Bad“, and just your luck, AMC has just begun re-airing episodes this past Sunday.

The Premise:(from the all knowing wikipedia) The series stars former Malcolm in the Middle cast member Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher with a handicapped child and pregnant wife. When the already-tense White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he breaks down and turns to a life of crime, setting up a meth lab in order to support his family

Originally airing in January, only 7 episodes were completed before the writers strike.  But you are all lucky because AMC has decided to show the first 7 episodes again to drum up some audience who might have missed it the first time around.  So kids, set your Tivo’s and let the talk back begin.  I loved the pilot. What about you?

Airs Sunday’s at 10pm EST


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