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Show Review: Maritime @ The House in DeKalb, IL on 2/8/08

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I had known about the show for a while and wasn’t sure if I was going to go until the last minute. It was kind of weird going back to my undergraduate alma mater (Northern Illinois University who is in the news due to tragic events) and not knowing any of the people at the show aside from my friend who put on the show, John Ugolini from Kickstand Productions. I’ve seen Maritime a few times before and they were just okay. I had high expectations when I first heard the rumors a few years back about Davey teaming up with members of Dismemberment Plan, but then when I heard them on their first Adios Ep I was kind of disappointed. I wanted to give them another chance and I saw them in Iowa City and they were just okay again. However, when they came out with We, The Vehicles I heard from a friend that he got the album and he liked it. After hearing their second full lenght, I felt Maritime finally put it all together. So, this time around I was ready to see them perform live and they didn’t falter.

They didn’t hesitate as they slapped the drum sticks together for a quick count and Davey started belting out the lyrics to Guns of Navarone and the band never looked back. Kids were dancing all over the place and it set for a good mood in the crowd aside from a few kids that failed to understand that slam dancing is not common ground for Maritime concerts. Not to mention that right before the show their was this guy doing very showy, extravagant, and exagerated dancing to Trans Am. I like Trans Am as much as the next guy, but this guy seemed as if he had practiced these dance moves as he did a jump kick that would have cleared my head without hesitation. Even though I liked the early songs, I didn’t really feel like I got into a groove until the song, Aren’t We All Found Out. This didn’t really have anything to do with the alcohol as I didn’t have any, but don’t worry if you go to The House as they do serve alcoholic beverages there. I’ve always felt Davey did a great job with concert goers and their banter. Davey did his thing again by charming fans in between songs. He spoke about it being cold in their home town of Milwaukee and talking to the college kids as if they were youngsters. Davey also did his classic shoulder and head bob while playing. My favorite part of the night were the last two songs before the encore, Clam and Tearing up the Oxygen. For me, that was all the encore I needed and I left early like my father would at a punk concert at the age of 45 claiming that he had to beat the traffic.

Set List:

1. Guns of Navarone
2. With Holes for Thumb Sized Birds
3. We Don’t Think, We Know
4. Love Has Given Up
5. Someone Has to Die
6. Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts!
7. German Engineering
8. Protein and Poison
9. Aren’t We All Found Out
10. No One Will Remember You Tonight
11. Don’t Say You Don’t
12. Pearl
13. Calm
14. Tearing Up the Oxygen
15. The Window is the Door (encore)
16. For Science Fiction (encore)


For more pics from the show click here.

Side Story from the show:

The erratic dancers reminded me of the first time I saw The Promise Ring with The Compound Red at the Slowfish building in Rock Island Illinois on 10/31/1997. Yeah I know I’m showing my age here here and some of the kids attending this show would have only been 10 or 11 at that time in their life. Great show by the way, but at that show Davey and The Promise Ring kept playing without missing a beat while this dancing kid kept on running into Davey because their was no stage. I spoke to Davey about it afterwards and he acted as if it was no big deal and had a great time playing in a building with syringes that could be found on the ground outside and that was later condemned.

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