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Vampire Weekend – Live at the Blind Pig 2/12/08

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A brief writeup of The Vampire Weekend show from this past Tuesday.

Set List:

  1. Mansard Roof
  2. Campus
  3. Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa
  4. Bryn
  5. Ladies of Cambridge
  6. M-79
  7. A Punk
  8. One (Blakes Got A New Face)
  9. I Stand Corrected
  10. The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance
  11. (a new untitled song)
  12. Oxford Comma
  13. Walcot

Thoughts on the show: The opening act “Sam Buck Rosen” was pretty bad. The male/female singing was out of key most of the time and really made their music unbearable. They really aren’t worth me spending any more time talking about them.

Vampire Weekend put on a solid show. My only problems came from how the structured their set list. Mansard Roof came off as a really flat opener. It wasn’t until “Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa” that I really felt that I was in the groove. Part of this could be for the fact that it was freezing cold outside the complete opposite of what kind of weather I would like to see this band in. The best songs of the night were the back to back “M-79” “A-Punk” combo. These songs really got the crowd involved and created a great set piece for the rest of the night. The new “untitled” song was a nice surprise. It fit nicely into their set and was the only song to feature 2 guitars.

Here is a video of them playing the same song the night before in Canada.

I would really love to see this band again, but next time in an outdoor setting, in the summer. In that kind of venue the beer could be flowing and the dancing could commence.

Show Rating:

Sam Buck Rosen: 1/10

Vampire Weekend: 8/10

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