Baseball, Baseball, Baseball (yikes, Josh Beckett has put on some pounds)

untitled - Baseball, Baseball, Baseball (yikes, Josh Beckett has put on some pounds)

Pitchers and Catchers reported today, so my “school girl glee” is hitting full stride as the baseball season is starting to gear up.

I have already signed up for a couple of fantasy baseball leagues and have scoped out tickets to Vandy baseball games (yes I do even love college baseball). I will be writing plenty about the baseball as the season rolls along so I am going to start out with some links to great resources for all of you baseball lovers out there.

F.Y.I. : (full disclosure) I am a Detroit Tigers (my hometown love), Boston Red Sox (from my days as a youth in Mass.) and Florida Marlins (my national league love) fan. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of articles about these teams.

MLB Official SiteLink (sign up for MLBTV so that you can watch out of market games on your computer, also a great source of latest news and stats)

Minor League Baseball Official SiteLink (A great place to follow the minor leagues, I love checking out the hot prospects. Great for stats)

Baseball ProspectusLink (for the true baseball nerd, the statistics here are unmatched, PECOTA cards for players, prospect watch, baseball by the numbers)

Baseball MusingsLink (Bill Pinto’s blog which is a great source for all baseball talk)

MLB Trade RumorsLink (my daily source to get caught up on the latest trade rumors, constantly updated)

Mock Draft CentralLink (dust up on your fantasy drafting skills before the season starts, get tips and hints to put you over the top….yes some people like myself are this obsessed)

ESPNLink (Buster Olney’s Blog is worth a daily read, as is the blog of baseball guru Peter Gammons)

RotoworldLink (top of the line source for up to the minute news on every aspect that effects a player or team, a must read for fantasy baseball players)

Baseball CrankLink (funny, informative insight to all sides of baseball, and some political discussion to boot)

Baseball ReferenceLink (if you can’t figure it out from the name, I don’t know what to tell you)


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