The End of The Writers Strike Blues….(maybe) Pt. 2

dkbd1 lg - The End of The Writers Strike Blues….(maybe) Pt. 2

With the writers strike all but over (hopefully), I thought I would publish the second half of my “recommended” TV on DVD list. And you can cross your fingers in the meantime that the strike is finally over.

– South Park – Season 1-10

Official Show Site – link

Seasons 1-10 – link

What do I really need to say about this show? It really has done enough speaking for itself over the years and keeps coming back just as fresh and just as funny as when it started. This is hands down the most “rewatched” show in my collection. I find myself watching episodes with my friends all the time. That is a true testament to a good show when it can be watched over and over and still get a laugh.

– Jericho – Season 1

Official Show site – link

Season 1 – link

A great show this is not, but an entertaining show about how the country handles a nuclear attack, it is. It follows the small town of Jericho as the town tries to cope with all of the problems of a post attack nation. The show suffers from an occasional “filler” episode and a few characters that seem to bog down the plot, but over all it provides a good watch. And if you buy the show soon you can watch the 2nd (and final) season which starts on February 12th.

– Dr. Katz – The Complete Series (5 seasons)

Info Site – link

The Complete Series – link

The original “squigglevision” Dr. Katz was an animated series created by Jonathan Katz. It aired on Comedy Central and amassed a cult like fan base. The show followed psychiatrist (Katz) and his son Ben’s (played by H. John Benjamin) lives. All of Dr. Katz’s patients were comedians, ranging from Ray Ramano to Mitch Headberg. There sessions amounted to a mini “standup” routine and provided some great laughs. This show won’t appeal to everyone as the humor is very dry, but witty at the same time.

– The Venture Brothers – Season 1 & 2

Official Site – link

Season 1 & 2 – link

This is a goofy animated show that airs on Adultswim (Cartoon Network). The show is loosely based on Johnny Quest as it follows the adventures (and sometimes lack there of) a scientist “Dr. Venture”, his sons “Hank and Dean Venture” and their body guard “Brock Samson”. They have an arch nemesis “The Monarch”, but they do not know why he is after them (and neither really does he) which plays in the the quirkiness of the show. This show is funny from start to finish with some of the crazy plot lines that they weave. With an added bonus of Season 3 starting in June, this should be enjoyed by all.

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