Look mom, I can act!!

02PageS - Look mom, I can act!!

I spend way too much time with my friends analyzing film down to its very core. Talking about anything from cinematography to little nuances that made or broke a film for us. A favorite game that we like to play involves blurting out the name of an actor followed by the name of the movies that he is in. We than sort the movies into a “good” and “bad” column (keeping in mind a good acting job in a bad movie) to determine if the actor or actress is worth a damn. It isn’t the most scientific method but what it does is bring to the forefront a serious discussion on the merits of what is a good or bad actor. I am going to attempt to expand this discussion to this blog in the form of a column. (hopefully every other week)

acting books - Look mom, I can act!!

This week I will simply post a list and next week I will do the same. These lists will be the foundation of the discussion. My first list will be some of the best actors of modern day (in my humble opinion). Next week will be some of the worst actors of modern day. These lists are completely subjective but I feel they are a great way to spurn discussion. The list might expand with discussion so please drop a line with your thoughts. I will be expanding upon my choices in the coming weeks to give you an idea as to why they were chosen. So with that out of the way, on to the list:

In no particular order:

1. Tom Hanks

2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

3. Jeff Bridges

4. Bill Murry

5. Christian Bale


  • Ed Norton was considered because of his brilliant performances in “American History X” and “The Illusionist” but I would like to see him spread his wings a little bit and try some different things. He was so so in “25th Hour” and “Death to Smoochy” (can’t believe i saw that one). He is in my “almost” category.
    Christian Bale for sure. And I will ammend my list to include him. “Rescue Dawn” and “American Psycho” were brilliant performances. He even did a good job in a bad movie “Reign of Fire”
    I thought Alec Baldwin was a serviceable actor with spots of greatness “Glengary Glenross” comes to mind. To me he is a little type cast. But hey this is a dicussion. Let me know what you think.
    I agree Ryan Gosling has a brilliant career ahead of him and some great films under his belt “Lars and the Real Girl” and “Half Nelson” (a tragicly underwatched film) I feel he would be ready for the list in a few years.
    I am only So so on Ben Foster also.

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