Two dudes, One “Enchanted” Night (a movie review)

Enchanted - Two dudes, One “Enchanted” Night (a movie review)

What can I really say, some part of me thought it was a good idea to go see “Enchanted” with another guy over this past weekend. And I walked away having learned a little life lesson in the process.

Tell me honestly, what would you think if you saw two guys walking into this movie? Several “not nice” comments come to mind, and honestly I can’t really tell you what my rationale was when the decision was made to go, because frankly I don’t really know. Somewhere between buying the ticket and the uncomfortable shifting that I was doing during the previews, I had realized what I had gotten myself into. I hadn’t walked into the latest Pixar film or even some teenage comedy, I had walked into Enchanted. A quick glance around the theater before the lights dimmed was all I needed to affirm that I was in for a brutal test of my masculinity.

2240004756 b074bebb50 - Two dudes, One “Enchanted” Night (a movie review)But the deed has been done so I might as well talk about the movie. The first 15 minutes of this feature were excruciating. It was the part of the movie that was the most “Disney” and contained all of the singing and corniness that you come to expect out of a movie like “Beauty and The Beast”. At this point all I wanted to do was to put my hood up and walk out of the theater with my tail between my legs, but I stuck it out. I found myself rewarded in the end.

Once the movie moved away from the animation (as the main character finds herself lost in NYC) it became more of a “fish out of water” story and actually contained a fair amount of humor with a splash of the “Disney” discomfort from time to time. There is not much to the content of this film as it is just another spin on the common love story that you see assembled in your everyday Disney picture. What I can speak for is the brilliant job that Amy Adams did in the starring role. She made the movie truly enjoyable for me with her “not to obnoxious” naive personality and stunning looks. She sold me on the whole idea of a woman from a fairy tale being thrust into modern day New York.

This movie was filled with solid performances around, and a palatable plot nicely wrapped up in the end. All be it predictable, the story still played out as a semi-fresh take on the classic love story. Far from drab it was a reasonable spend of my time and money, just not recommended for the guys night out viewing.
When the credits finally rolled, my friend and I walked out of the theater laughing the whole way. We had endured what ended up being a pretty good movie, but the consensus was that next time a movie like this came along, we were going to have to go with a girl, or one of us was going to have to wear a skirt and a wig…………I don’t look very sexy in a skirt. A few beers and lots of laughs later, and we were just Two Dudes on One Enchanted Night.

Score: 7.5/10


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