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A low brow article

Crystal%20I'm%20HOT - A low brow article

Crystal%20I'm%20HOT - A low brow article

Just the other day I came across an article where they ranked the Top 99 Women, which amounted to another superficial poll ranking the “hottest” girl. Don’t get me wrong I love a pretty girl just as much as the next guy, but what do these polls accomplish exactly? (besides inflating the egos of those who are involved) I do have to say that I did like the inclusion of Oliva Munn and Jenna Fisher, but Katherine Heigl #1???? And how does Eva Longoria keep making these lists?? So in response to this list, I have lowered myself to that level and come up with my own list.

A List of Cal’s Favorite (mostly)-Homely Girls (in no particular order):

(click on the name for a picture)

  1. Ellen Page (Chad and I are starting a stalkers club)
  2. Laura Linney (still looking good with age)
  3. Emma Watson (is this legal??) (look the pic up yourself)

You can start ripping on me now.


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