Writer’s Strike Blues…(DVD’s to get you through) pt. 1

battlestar galactica ends - Writer’s Strike Blues…(DVD’s to get you through) pt. 1

With the writers strike trudging on, they really have begun to test our tolerance with the batch of new television shows that they have been airing. Is this the type of torture the US government was using to get information out of the Iraqi insurgents?

If not they sure should have. But how are you going to survive (possibly) many more months of this crap? My solution is to bulk up your DVD collection so I have come up with a list of great TV shows on DVD that you can go out to the store today and start your weekly fix until the reality shows have been put to bed.

– Battlestar Galactica – Seasons 1 – 3 & The Razor Movie

Official show site – Link

Season 1 – Link

Season 2 – Link

Season 3 – Link (season 3 out in March)

Razor – Link

Now don’t just turn your nose up at it because it is Sci-Fi. The science fiction aspect of the show is only the backdrop to an amazing drama series. This show follows the last survivors of the human race after a near extinction attack on their home world. Constantly on the run from the enemy, and constantly at war with the drama of keeping a civilization’s hopes and dreams alive. So well written, each week is a perfect new piece to the puzzle. Hands down the best show on television.

– Deadwood – The Complete Series (seasons 1-3)

Official show site – Link

The Complete Series – Link

A gritty depiction of the old west, swearing and violence abound. This show follows much of the history of the real “Deadwood” such as the appearance of Wild Bill and the towns struggle to remain independent from the US governing body. The show is so well acted, and the setting are so real that you forget that it is just a show. The dialect is hard to follow at first but once you immerse yourself, you will find one of the most rewarding story lines in some time. Of all of the great HBO shows that have come around this is the cream of the crop.

– Freaks and Geeks – The Complete Series

The Complete Series – Link

The early work of Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up) about the rigors of high school life. But this show isn’t in the vein of “The Hills”, the characters are a lot more grounded in reality. You can actually relate to some of the things that happen to them and you find a nice bond with them. Sadly this show only lasted a year (it suffered from a really poor time slot) but this one season is well worth the watch.

– The Gilmore Girls – The Complete Series (seasons 1-7)

Official Show Site – Link

The Complete Series – Link

You can quit your laughing now. I really loved this show. About a single mother growing up with her daughter in a small Connecticut town. The banter between mother and daughter goes at 100 mph and really tests your pop culture knowledge, and the towns folk are quirky yet endearing. This show was both funny and drama, and it took you into a different realm 50 min at a time. The last two seasons suffered from a torn dynamic with the daughter off at college, but it still was a great show and i will miss it.

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