Vampire Weekend

vampire weekend - Vampire Weekend

The new poster boys of hype have their debut full length coming out next week on XL Recordings, but is there substance behind all of the buzz?

In one word I say YES. Crafting afrobeat pop gems in the vein of Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, they are a truly fresh sound in the ever tiring music world. Who knew that 4 Columbia University Grads could craft such great tunes? With 1 Ep “Self titled” and a Single “Mansard Roof” under their belt to date, they have created a rabid fan base (including myself) with minimal touring and without full length to boot. Look for their Full Length “Self Titled” out next Tuesday on XL Recordings.

Track Listing:

  1. Mansard Roof
  2. Oxford Comma
  3. A-Punk
  4. Cape Cod Kwass Kwassa
  5. M79
  6. Campus
  7. Bryn
  8. One (Blake’s Got A New Face)
  9. I Stand Corrected
  10. Walcott
  11. The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

They Play 4 songs on WXPN “World Cafe”link



“Mansard Roof”

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