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Next month marks the 10 year anniversary of the break up of one of my favorite 90’s Indie rock bands Polvo. So I say we celebrate their 8 years of tearing apart my ears. via souther records “Polvo like Kung Fu movies and they like to play nicely out of tune….”

Polvo thrived in a period when I believe some of the best Indie Rock was created. Melding together angular post-punk songs with hints of Asian and Middle Eastern culture, they crafted a truly unique sound. One of the signatures of their sound was the odd tunings that they incorporated (who the hell uses GGCCCE ?). Polvo exsisted from 1990-1998 giving us 4 full lengths and 3 Eps in that time.


From Shapes:

Enemy Insects

Live in 1996: “Fast Canoe”


– From 1996 w/ Ash Bowie – link

– Libraness (Ash Bowie’s post Polvo project) – link

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