Hooray for Hops

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This weeks marks a good week in Grand Rapids, MI. With the release of Hopslam brewed by Bells Brewing Company in Kalamazoo, MI this past week, it has finally trickled up my way. Got my first 6pk yesterday, and let me tell you it is delicious. For those of you who love a good IPA , this is the beer for you. Technically it is a Double IPA, and that title is no lie as it contains a plethora of hops. This beer is not for your average joe Bud Light drinker. The flavor has a citrus and not malty tinge and it goes down very smooth. It has a very pleasant aroma and leaves a nice hop taste on the tongue after the swallow. But let me be the first to warn you, this beer packs a punch with it’s 10% alcohol. It has led to many rough nights, so buyer beware.2201047614 79a2d0d6f0 - Hooray for Hops

Hopslam easily makes my top 3 favorite IPA’s along with Bear Republic’s “Racer 5” and Dogfish Head’s “90 Minute”. If you love a good beer, seek out Hopslam, you will not be dissappointed. But you better start looking soon because it is only brewed from January 7th through February.

– You can sign up and trade beer at Beer Advocate if you can’t find Bells in your home state.

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