Tuesday Morning Rant

meet the spartans trailer - Tuesday Morning Rant

Ah it’s Tuesday morning. One day closer to the weekend, and about 5 degrees away from it being too cold for me to leave the house. I have an exciting weekend of movies to look forward to with “There Will Be Blood” and “The Savages” both hitting screens in my area on Friday. One would think that I would be in a pretty chipper mood. But to the contrary, I have a bone to pick with movie producers, and movie goers alike.
“Meet The Spartans”……………sorry just typing the name irks me. Have we as a society hit an all time low with this one? Does the idea of another extremely low brow parody movie really drive people to the theaters? Every time that I see the preview for this movie, I can feel my IQ nose diving. Now don’t go getting your panties in a bunch because I don’t mean to come across as a holier than thou type, heck I remember the days of “Hot Shots”, “Space Balls” and every awful Leslie Neilson movie (“Wrongfully Accused” comes to mind). I see a place for parody movies, but it seems like this one has sunk to a new low of on screen anguish. Have the “TMZ”, “Access Hollywood” and “MTV’s” of the world finally rubbed off onto movie writers, hoping to get an easy buck off of the lowest common denominator? They are pulling out the same type of “sensationalist” humor as those tv tabloids, poking fun at Britney Spears and what looks to be Sanjay. What is funny about some “has been” singers whose 5 minutes of fame were up years ago?
The idea of a parody film, when done well, can provide a nice afternoon escape and some genuine laughs. It looks like they still have it in their hearts to make such films with the release of “Walk Hard” this past year, but is there a place for movies like “Meet The Spartans”? I sure hope not. And I hope we as consumers give them the ultimate form of gratitude when the movie comes out, which would be to not show up at all. Then they would realize that “Soul Plane 2” which is probably already in the can, isn’t such a wise investment.


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