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‘Draft Day’ Review

By Coach Ryan, If you follow anything I’ve written for the past couple years then it will come as no surprise that I’m a Cleveland fan who tends to get (more…)

August: Osage County (2013) – Review

August: Osage County, John Wells’ sophomore film adaptation of the play by the same name, concerns a dysfunctional family reunited during a sweltering summer crisis, and has been compared to (more…)

Monster Movie Time

It is that time of year again where i dive head first into the classic Monster movies and give them a quick write up.  Last year I tackled The Wolf (more…)

The Day He Arrives (2011) – Review

By Cal Meacham A dream in black and white, a stark look at life through a non-forgiving lens.  Korean director Hon Sang-soo delivers another human piece that shows the harsh (more…)

Sweetgrass (2010) – Review

By Cal Meacham In 2001 Montana rancher Lawrence Allested and his ranch hands set his 2,000+ sheep out to graze in the Beartooth mountains one last time. A 150 mile (more…)

Take This Waltz (2012) – Review

I loved and hated moments of Sarah Polly’s 2012 examination of love and the complications of relationships. On one hand it is unfiltered look at the difficulty of modern relationships, (more…)

Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) – Review

Hyde Park on Hudson cannot be compared to other historical films of recent years. Though King George makes an appearance, he is not as grave as portrayed in The King’s (more…)

Best of 2012: Movies

A great year for movies, especially with what came out overseas.  I decided that their were 8 films that I considered to be leaps ahead of the rest, so instead (more…)

The Wolf Man (1941) – Review

By: Cal Meacham In a secondary role, Bela Legosi plays a Mr. Pringle looking nautical pirate gypsy named…….wait for it……Bela.  Oh and there is a story about werewolves. After (more…)