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Cal’s Best of 2011 – Television

I don’t find myself enjoying a ton of television shows but 2012 will provide me with a ton of things to watch early on with Mad Men, Game of Thrones, (more…)

Cal’s Best of 2011 – Best Albums

Coming up with a list of 10 great albums was certainly a challenge this year, which was filled with a lot of great songs on decent/average albums.  My top 7 (more…)

Cal’s Best of 2011 – Best Songs

I felt that 2011 was a weak year for full length albums but was a very strong year for individual songs.  Panda Bear faltered slightly on “Tomboy” but the album (more…)

Cal’s Best of 2010 Lists

Instead of posting lists in two places I will be posting them in one which is my personal blog “In Place of Real Insight“.  You can check out my best of (more…)

Cal’s Best Songs Of 2009

In a year full of “blah” when it comes to full length albums, there were several songs that stood out in a rather forgettable year. Grizzly Bear – (more…)

Cal’s Best Movies of 2009

A very good slate of movies were released this year including some staple directors (The Coen Brothers, Chan-Wook Park) and a few new ones. Cal’s Top 10 Films of (more…)

Koz & Cal’s Best Albums of 2009

An up and down year in music leads to mixed results. Cal’s Top Albums Of The Year As it turns out, in a year that I was highly anticipating (more…)