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Early Hype: Id Noir – s/t

By Ryan Meehan Album: ID Noir “Self Titled” Dennis Hockaday is Idpyramid, Jon Burns is Centaur Noir, and together they are ID Noir. A lot of what Dennis does it (more…)

Early Hype: Sam Prekop – Old Punch Card

It has been 5 years since Sea and Cake front man Sam Prekop put out a solo album.  This album will differ from 2005 “Who’s Your New Professor” because it (more…)

Early Hype: Like Pioneers

Formed from members of “Bound Stems” and “The Narrator” Like Pioneers played their first show in May and already have a full length record in the can.  You can hear (more…)

Early Hype: Greenberg

From the looks of it, Noah Baumbach has another polarizing “life” piece on his hands. I am one of the few who really enjoyed Baumbach’s last film “Margot At The (more…)

Early Hype: Loose Lips Sink Ships

My band to watch in 2010 is DeKalb, Illinois own Loose Lips Sink Ships.  Not since Battles stormed on the scene with their debut full length has a band energized (more…)

Early Hype:”World’s Greatest Dad”

Is this Robin Williams return to form in a movie written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait?…..(yes the Police Acadamy guy)……… Synopsis (from IMDB): Robin Williams stars as Lance Clayton, (more…)

Early Hype: “Adventureland”

image from rottentomatoes A new comedy from the director of “Superbad”, this one follows the struggle of a young man fresh out of college. Synopsis (from Rottentomatoes): SUPERBAD’s Greg (more…)

Early Hype: “Sunshine Cleaning”

Yeah, I am excited partially because this is an Amy Adams movie, but ever since I read the synopsis a few months ago I have been pretty stoked to see (more…)

Early Hype: “Cherry Blossoms – Hanami”

A German film about the Cherry Blossom festival in Tokyo?  “Cherry Blossom – Hanami” sounds right up my ally. Synopsis (from Rottentomatoes): Doris Dörrie (HOW TO COOK YOUR LIFE) (more…)