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Fraudeproces Vinokourov and Join the starts on 13 march 2018 in Liège

b41d2479ccf4fcd22aa973c7790618d8 - Fraudeproces Vinokourov and Join the starts on 13 march 2018 in Liège

Fraudeproces Vinokourov en Kolobnev begint op 13 maart 2018 in Luik

The correctional court of Liège opens the corruptiezaak about the former Kazakh cyclist Alexander Vinokourov, who is suspected of the victory in liège-Bastogne-Liège in 2010 bought his Russian competitor Alexander Kolobnov, on march 13, 2018. That confirmed the prosecutor Tuesday.

Vinokourov and Join the reason, in april 2010, together with the guidance in the finale of La Doyenne. They ran in Ans for the victory, but there would be a reukje hung on it. Vinokourov, who was for Astana reed, would be medevluchter of Katusha, according to the public prosecutor of 150,000 euro have paid to be first across the finish line.

The court examined, during the examination of e-mail and bankverkeer in Switzerland and Monaco. Between July and december 2010 there would be 100,000 and 50,000 euros transferred to the Monegasque account of Vinokourov to the Swiss bank account of years old. The Liège Court decided on 19 may to the file to the criminal court to refer to it.

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