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This is the new trailer of ‘Patser’, the third film of Adil and Bilall

From 24 January, is ‘Patser’ to see in the cinema, the new film by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

‘Patser’ is the third feature film from the director duo after “Image” and “Black”. The leading roles are for Matteo Simoni, Nora Gharib, Junes Lazaar and Saïd Boumazoughe.

The film tells the story of four Antwerp friends who want to live like real bastards. They get involved in drugszaken and unleash a bendeoorlog from Antwerp to Amsterdam, and even Colombia.

‘Patser’ is a production of a team production, in coproduction with Column Film and 10.80 Movies. The film is from 24 January 2018.

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