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Dutch rider Albert Timmer depends bike on the hook

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Nederlandse wielrenner Albert Timmer hangt fiets aan de haak

Albert Timmer has his career as a professional cyclist ended. His team Sunweb spent Saturday out that the 32-year-old Dutchman is going to consider his future in the sport of cycling. Timmer, reed eleven years for the team who, in his professional debut as Skil-Shimano went through living. He rode last summer with the Tour de France, his eleventh grand tour.

Timmer wants o.a. more time to spend with his young daughter. “I’ve had a wonderful time as a cyclist and learned a lot from the people with whom I have ever worked with. I have the maximum out of my career, met and look proudly back on what we have achieved,” said Timmer.

Albert Timmer got in 2015 to deal with heart problems and had surgery. “Since then I’ve had trouble getting the confidence to get back on the bike. That’s why now is a good time to stop, though it was not an easy decision.”

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