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David Goffin wins National Trophy for Sportverdienste

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David Goffin wint Nationale Trofee voor Sportverdienste

Tennis player David Goffin (26) is the winner of the National Trophy for Sportverdienste. That is announced on Thursday in the town hall.

The National Trophy for Sportverdienste, but one time in a career can be won, awarded since 1928, is a Belgian athlete or sports team in the past year especially meritorious. Among others, Eddy Merckx, Paul Van Himst and Dominique Monami serve on the jury. For the first time since Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters, who the award received in 2001, provides the tennis again a winner.

Wednesday it became known that Goffin also on the shortlist for the trophy of Sportsman of the Year 2017, together with footballer Kevin De Bruyne and professional cyclist Greg Van Avermaet. The Also reached the final of the ATP World Tour Finals by Rafael Nadal (ATP 1) and Roger Federer (ATP 2) to beat. The first Belgian kicked his way to the top ten of the ATP ranking. Last weekend won the current number 7 of the world are two duels in the (lost) final of the Davis Cup against France. Further conquered Goffin this year’s ATP titles in Tokyo and Shenzhen.

“Not easy to play tennis with cycling compare”

“It was very hard to choose,” said judge Dominique Monami, the captain of the Fed Cup team. “It is not easy to play tennis with cycling compare”, referred them to Greg Van Avermaet, who also was eligible for the trophy. “After a fantastic seizoenseinde has Goffin will be as a full-fledged toptienspeler, and that was the first Belgian ever. In addition, he is a real personality. He remains humble and is an ambassador of our country on the international level.”

“There are more opportunities for Van Avermaet”

“It was close, with Greg Van Avermaet and basketbalspeelster Ann Wauters,” said Eddy Merckx, winner in 1967. “Van Avermaet is still not the end of career, there are still other occasions. His excellent season and the global resonance of the Davis Cup ensured that Goffin prevailed.”

Last year the prestigious award to meerkampster Nafi Thiam, who in 2016 at the Games in Rio de Janeiro olympic gold on the internet conquered.

At the end of January will Goffin are trophies.

The hall of fame of the National Trophy for Sportverdienste:


1928 – Louis Crooy and Victor Green (luchtsport)

1929 – Georges Ronsse (cycling)

1930 – Hyacinte Roosen (wrestling)

1931 – Rene Milhoux and Jules Tacheny (motorsport)


1933 – Joseph Scherens (cycling)

1934 – Union St-Gillis (football)

1935 – Count Arnold de Looz-Corswarem (luchtsport)

1936 – Ernest Demuyter (hot air ballooning)

1937 – Joseph Mostert (athletics)

1938 – Hubert Carton the Following (motorsport)

1939 – Commander Henry the Instruments on the Horne (equestrian)

1940 – Fernande Caroen (swimming)

1941 – Jean Guilini (swimming)

1942 – Pol Braeckman (athletics)

1943 – Prince Albert de Ligne (general)

1944 – not awarded

1945 – flying personnel of the Belgian R. A. F.-section

1946 – Gaston Reiff (athletics)

1947 – Micheline Lannoy and Pierre Baugniet (figure skating championships)

1948 – Etienne Gailly (athletics)

1949 – Feru Moulin (swimming)

1950 – Briek Schotte (cycling)

1951 – Johnny Claes and Jacques Ickx (racing)

1952 – André Noyelle (cycling)

1953 the crew of the yacht Omoo (the h. and mev. Louis Van de Wiele and Fred Debels)

1954 – Dolf Verschueren (cycling)

1955 – Roger Moens (athletics)

1956 – Gilberte Thirion (auto racing)

1957 – Jackie Brichant and Philippe Washer (tennis)

1958 – Rene Baeten (motocross)

1959 – National hockeyploeg

1960 – Flory Van Donck (golf)

1961 – Rik Van Looy (cycling)

1962 – Gaston Roelants (athletics)

1963 – Aureel Vandendriessche (athletics)

1964 – Joel Robert (motocross)

1965 – First fighter wing (luchtsport)

1966 – Raymond Ceulemans (billiards)

1967 – Ferdinand Bracke, Eddy Merckx (cycling)

1968 – Jacky Ickx (racing)

1969 – Serge Reding (weightlifting)

1970 – Freddy Herbrand (athletics)

1971 – Emiel Puttemans (athletics)

1972 – Karel Lismont (athletics)

1973 – Roger De Coster (motocross)

1974 – Paul Van Himst (football)

1975 – Jean-Pierre Burny (canoe-kayak)

1976 – Ivo Van Damme (athletics)

1977 – Gaston Rahier (motocross)

1978 – RSC Anderlecht (football)

1979 – Robert Van de Walle (judo)

1980 – Red Devils (football)

1981 – Annie Lambrechts (roller skates)

1982 – Ingrid Berghmans (judo)

1983 – Eddy Annys (athletics)

1984 – Andre Malherbe (motocross)

1985 – not awarded

1986 – William Van Dijck (athletics)

1987 – Ingrid Lempereur (swimming)

1988 – Eric Geboers (motocross)

1989 – Michel Preud’homme (soccer)

1990 – Jan Ceulemans (football)

1991 – Jean-Michel Saive (table tennis)

1992 – Annelies Bredael (rowing)

1993 – Vincent Rousseau (athletics)

1994 – Brigitte Becue (swimming)

1995 – Frederik Deburghgraeve (swimming)

1996 – Johan Museeuw (cycling)

1997 Luc Van Lierde (triathlon)

1998 – Ulla Werbrouck (judo)

1999 – Gella Vandecaveye (judo)

2000 – Joel Smets (motocross)

2001 – Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne (tennis)

2002 – Marc Wilmots (football)

2003 – Stefan Everts (motorcross)

2004 – Axel Merckx (cycling)

2005 – Tom Boonen (cycling)

2006 – Kim Gevaert and Tia Hellebaut (athletics)

2007 – aflossingsploeg 4x100m women (athletics/Kim Gevaert and Olivia Borlée, Hanna Mariën, Elodie Ouedraogo)

2008 – not awarded

2009 – Philippe Gilbert (cycling)

2010 – Philippe Le Jeune (equestrian/jumping)

2011 – Kevin Borlée (athletics)

2012 – Evi Van Acker (sailing)

2013 – Frederik Van Lierde (triathlon)

2014 – Daniel Van Buyten (football)

2015 – aflossingsploeg 4x400m relay men (athletics)

2016 – Nafissatou Thiam (athletics)

2017 – David Goffin (tennis)

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