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Berget Lewis hopes on X-Factor comeback through wildcard

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Berget Lewis hoopt op X-Factor comeback via wildcard

The X-Factor adventure is possibly still not over yet for Berget Lewis. The souldiva has a chance to be back in the British talent show through a wildcard.

Berget had already kicked in the league to them during the winning round of the bootcamps suddenly a blackout, and its action completely in the soup ran out. This time, they still hope that coach Nicole Scherzinger her nevertheless would take to the live shows, but that proved to be unfounded.


Now, there is still a chance that Lewis of the party is: when enough X-Factor viewers on her vote she can be a wildcard earn and streams gloriously in. On Twitter called Berget its (inter)national fans to vote. But, that’s only possible if you are in the United Kingdom or lives.

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