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Vandoorne eighth during the third training session in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton fastest

941db0048f6e4580727e1ff57fca7c80 - Vandoorne eighth during the third training session in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton fastest

Vandoorne achtste tijdens derde oefensessie in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton snelste

During the last training session for the GP of Abu Dhabi is Lewis Hamilton to the fastest time went to team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Ferrari followed more than half a second. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne drove the eighth time.

It was Mercedes on top during the last training session, with Hamilton with the large lead the fastest. Team-mate Bottas had “only” three-tenths to admit but both Ferrari’s next on more than a half a second. The disadvantage of both Red Bull pilots was still a few tenths bigger.

Encouraging results were once again at McLaren, with Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne again very well matched, and, respectively, the seventh and eighth time were recorded.

1. L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:37.627 19
2. V. Bottas Mercedes 01:37.900 21
3. K. Were Times Ferrari 01:38.157 22
4. S. Vettel Ferrari 01:38.174 22
5. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:38.340 16
6. M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:38.587 14
7. F. Alonso McLaren 01:39.155 15
8. S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:39.277 18
9. C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:39.340 15
10. S. Perez Force India 01:39.367 19
11. F. Massa Williams 01:39.383 16
12. N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:39.396 18
13. E. Ocon Force India 01:39.500 18
14. K. Magnussen Haas 01:39.831 19
15. R. Grosjean Haas 01:40.079 19
16. P. Wehrlein Sauber 01:40.307 20
17. L. Stroll Down Williams 01:40.572 16
18. P. Gasly Toro Rosso 01:40.737 21
19. M. Ericsson Sauber 01:40.789 21
20. B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:40.883 23

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