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You are young and you have romantic plans

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Je bent jong en je hebt romantische plannen

A teen comedy from 1999: ‘10 things I hate about you’: you’re young and you’ve got romantic plans (and rules, laws and the objections that they prevent). A radio station for about their war trauma to process. Or doctors that stomach operations perform, this are the tv tips for tonight.


One 21.30-22.05 hours

The number of patients with a gastric surgery undergoing to lose weight, is on a five-year period doubled. Also the number of children increases. What do you do, as a doctor, with a dertienjarig child that 130 kilos in weight, but legally, no gastric surgery back?


Six 20.35-22.20 pm

The popular Bianca Stratford is dying to go out with Joey Donner, the brightest boy at school. But the strict rules at the house in Stratford to prevent Bianca and her romantic plans in reality can convert. A teen comedy from 1999, with a handsome cast which included the young Heath Ledger to recognize.


NPO 2 23.00-0.20 hour

The Kurdish Dilovan start a radio station in the Syrian town of Kobani after IS out there in 2014 is driven out and the reconstruction is started. For Dilovan is a way to bring her trauma.

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