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Talpa goes to 80,000 amateur football match live streaming

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Talpa gaat 80.000 amateurwedstrijd live streamen

Talpa Network, the company of John de Mol will be on amateur. The company is in cooperation with the KNVB per year 80.000 novelty competitions live streaming.

That means that parents and grandpa and grandma’s not more at a horribly early time in the rain along the line of having to stand up, they can just have a cup of coffee on the couch watching how their offspring the on.

750 fields

The filming of the competitions is fully automatic, including close-ups of exciting moments. Players can record clips and highlights of himself from the contest select, summaries and share it. The pilot comes after the winter break to start. Within three years 750 fields in the Netherlands are equipped with the registration system.

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