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New love for Rick Brandsteder

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Nieuwe liefde voor Rick Brandsteder

Temptation islandpresenter Rick Brandsteder is in love with. He is in the clouds with the daughter of a well-known Dutchman.

The 33-year-old Brandsteder has confirmed to RTL Boulevard that he has a relationship with Roosje Kuizenga. Rose is the daughter of former tv presenter and current GTST-actor Bert Kuizenga. Lori is currently a career as a DJ Mia More.

Marieke Elsinga

For weeks, rumours have been circulating that Rick cases would be for the charms of his RTL Boulevard fellow. Now it turns out that Rick is no longer available. Fortunately for Mary, she would at this time have feelings for presenter and former rugbyprof JayJay Boske.

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