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Matthias Van Beethoven and Arne De Groote win opening stage jongerenzesdaagse

Arne The Great and Matthias Van Beethoven wrote the first ride of the Ghent jongerenzesdaagse on their name. The Dane Andreas Kron won the first points race, the Frenchman Florentin Lecamus-Lambert the second. The Great-Beethoven klokten the best time (9.18) on the baanronde and were a sigh, faster than Jules Hesters and Bryan Boussaer (9.19.).

Stand after the first ride

1. THE GREAT-BEETHOVEN’s 18 points, 2. Vernon-Tidball 13, 3. HESTERS-BOUSSAER 12, 4. Kron-Birkemose 10, 5. Malcharek-Schmiedel 10, 6. Crabos-Lecamus_Lambert 10, 7. Ferronato-Donega 6, 8. MEYERS-HEINDERSON 5, 9. LEFEBER-STEYAERT 4, 10. Ottevanger-Moors 2, 11. Davies-Cooper, 0, 12. Weispfennig-Augenstein 0.

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