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Is there a Lethal Weapon 5?

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Komt er een Lethal Weapon 5?

It may be possible that there is a fifth part, of Lethal Weapon. The main characters of the popular film series would be about this conversation.

There are reportedly talks by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with film company Warner, know entertainment site Deadline.

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The project would also screenwriter Channing Gibson and director Richard Donner involved again. They worked in the past on the popular film series.


Lethal Weapon was from the first part directly a big success. This was in 1987, released and produced 384 million dollars. In 1989, 1992 and 1998 followed the other parts.

In the films, Gibson and Glover are two agents who deal with murder cases. The characters are rather varied, which frequently causes collisions.

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