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Bearded ‘hattrick hero’ will provide Australia’s penultimate world cup ticket against offensive powerless Honduras

378ac84bbd6745ba0611380ddcb3ba29 - Bearded 'hattrick hero' will provide Australia's penultimate world cup ticket against offensive powerless Honduras

Bebaarde 'hattrick hero' bezorgt Australië voorlaatste WK-ticket tegen offensief onmachtig Honduras

Australia has second-to-last country for the world cup in Russia know. The Socceroos defeated an offensive powerless Honduras 3-1 in the second leg of the intercontinental said. Aston Villa midfielder Mile Jedinak scored after half time with a hattrick. The ‘Beard To Be Feared’ opened after 54 minutes the score via a deviated free-kick, in the final stage of the match, he could have two penalties use. Wednesday night is the last world cup qualifying match played. Then take New Zealand and Peru against each other.

The first leg of last Saturday in San Pedro Sula was on a scoreloze draw ended. Australia was also on the last three tournaments, and reached in Germany in 2006 the eighth-finals.

New Zealand and Peru fight night (03u15 Belgian time) in Lima for the last ticket. In the first leg in Wellington fell no goals.

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