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World cup trialbike. Kenny Belaey grabs next second medal in China

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WK trialbike. Kenny Belaey grijpt naast tweede medaille in China

Kenny Belaey is Sunday as the thirteenth ended up in the cross-country eliminator at the Urban Cycling world championships in the Chinese city of Chengdu.

With the fifteenth time qualified Belaey himself a little for the final but then he had to pack up after the first heat.

“I’ve done everything I could but more was there today not in”, responded Belaey, who Saturday bronze had conquered in the trialbike. “Beforehand I had a top-10 place set as the destination. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that I need to sharpness fall short. With a good start, though there were more resident but in the beginning it was so hard it popped! That explosiveness I had today. Anyway, I was well amused, and was the eliminator is a nice ending.”

The Frenchman Titouan Ganier-Perrin, already European champion, picked up the world title. In the ladies it was Fien Lammertyn, the wife of Belaey, seventh in the eliminator. The Swiss Kathrin Stirnemann took gold.

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