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Pirelli and McLaren to scrap tire testing in Interlagos for security reasons

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Pirelli en McLaren schrappen bandentest in Interlagos uit veiligheidsoverwegingen

Formula 1-team McLaren is Tuesday and Wednesday is not the new tyres from Pirelli testing in São Paulo. That have the renstal of Stoffel Vandoorne and the tyre supplier decided after gunmen on Sunday tried to find a van from Pirelli to come in.

“We made this decision for the safety of our people and the staff of McLaren have taken”, let Pirelli know. “The safety of our people is always our priority,” says McLaren via Twitter. “Given the recent events, we felt it an unnecessary risk to continue to do.”

Not only the tire dealer was around the Grand prix of Brazil, faced with armed robbers. Members of the Mercedes were last Friday unpleasantly surprised when they the circuit of Interlagos wanted to leave.

World champion Lewis Hamilton confirmed the attack on Twitter. “A part of my team was held at gunpoint when leaving the circuit here in Brazil. There are shots fired, and someone got a gun to his head. This happens here every year. The Formula 1 and the teams, there must be more to do, there are no excuses.”

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