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Olivia Colman is the new queen Elizabeth in The Crown

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Olivia Colman is de nieuwe koningin Elizabeth in The Crown

The British actress Olivia Colman plays in the third and fourth season of the Netflix series The Crown, the role of queen Elizabeth.

In the first two seasons took Claire Foy in the role for her account, but she is too young to be Elizabeth in her later years to play. Oliva Colman is not the first the best, most viewers will know her from the exciting series of Broadchurch. She won a Golden Globe for her role in The night manager. Moreover, Colman already have experience as queen, Olivia played the British monarch in the film Hyde Park on Hudson.

8 december

The Crown tells the story of the British monarchy since 1947, when Elizabeth married prince Philip. Elizabeth Colman takes on the role of the queen from 1963. The second season of The Crown is from 8 december to see it on Netflix.

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