Radio J-Dub, Volume 20 – The “Victim of Love” Episode

radio jdub itunes header4 - Radio J-Dub, Volume 20 –  The “Victim of Love” Episode

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Today’s installment of the audio incarnation of the most interesting independent sports blog has a little something for everybody.  J-Dub does a ripping monologue about what it’s like to be a low-level stand-up comedian, then explores the “Victim of Love” philosophy…otherwise known as what happens when all the teams you support suck.

Finally, J-Dub reverses his field on Liverpool head Brendan Rodgers, and even admits he has a bit of a man-crush on the little Northern Irishman.

Brendan Rodgers

You can listen, subscribe, or download the podcast here, and it can also be found on most I-phone, Android, and Windows Phone podcast apps simply by searching “Radio JDub.”

NOTE: We are on the lookout for podcast contributors and guest columnists.  All reasonable ideas will be considered, but we are really interested in people who would like to participate in our Tales of Depression and Sorrow  series. Contact us at…

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