A Symposium for “Internet Lawyers”

small town pizza lawyer11 - A Symposium for “Internet Lawyers”

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NOTE: This blog is being published on several different platforms, so there will be a distinct departure from this blog’s usual rantery about sports. It won’t take you long to figure out why.

small town pizza lawyer

I’m a blogger.  I’ve written not only for my own blog, but I’ve contributed to several others.  On top of that, I’ve written several articles relating to a home-based small business. Through those efforts, I have published hundreds of pieces, almost all of which can still be found on the web. During that time, I have made several friends, writing partners, and associates.  I’ve also received many words of support for my opinions. Conversely, I’ve also received plenty of criticism.

Granted, I get that’s part of the deal; you can’t expect bouquets without getting some brickbats.  That’s not what this is about.  Rather, this is about people who misconstrue the law to make factually incorrect arguments, or…

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