Monthly Archives: January 2015

7 Questions with Aida Rodriguez

By Ryan Meehan Aida Rodriguez’s “edgy, raw and in your face” style of comedy has set her apart in a world that celebrates funny over double-standards. Catching the eye of (more…)

7 Questions with Nate Abshire

By Ryan Meehan Nate Abshire started performing comedy in 2009 to spite a girl who wouldn’t return his calls. The following year, he finished runner-up in the “Funniest Person in the Twin (more…)

7 Questions with Ahmed Bharoocha

by Ryan Meehan Ahmed Bharoocha was born into a Irish Catholic/Pakistani Muslim household. He discovered his passion for entertaining at a young age making home movies with his older sister (more…)

7 Questions with Dan Cummins

By Ryan Meehan Dan’s unusual observations and unique autobiographical stand-up have earned him numerous television performances on The Tonight Show (both Conan and Leno have invited him over to the (more…)

7 Questions with Will Hull-Brown of The Cat Empire  

by Ryan Meehan The musical landscape, while certainly a vast and complex one, strewn with pebbles, boulders, monoliths and mountains, is generally a well-ordered place. Bands stay within their borders, (more…)

7 Questions with Leah Bonnema

By Ryan Meehan Leah Bonnema is a Stand-Up Comic based in New York City. Huffington Post named her one of their Favorite Female Comedians and College Candy listed Leah as one the Ten (more…)

NFL Championship Weekend Wrap-Up

by Ryan Meehan The stage is set for Super Bowl XLIX, and Sunday gave us the best and worst of both worlds.  We opened up with a game that started (more…)

7 Questions with Harrison Greenbaum

By Ryan Meehan Harrison began performing stand-up comedy while studying psychology and English at Harvard. Asumma cum laude graduate, Harrison was the co-founder of the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society (or (more…)