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Cloud Nothings – Psychic Trauma

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By Cal Meacham

I have been doing my best to keep my excitement in check for the new Cloud Nothings full length Here and Nowhere Else, but this is the second ear ripping single that we have heard.  With the release of 2/8 of the album I have a feeling it will be showing up on a few year end lists if the rest of the songs are anywhere close to what we have already heard.  Hear the first single I’m Not Part Of Me here – Link

Here and Nowhere Else Tracklist

  1. Now Hear In
  2. Quieter Today
  3. Psychic Trauma
  4. Just See Fear
  5. Giving Into Seeing
  6. No Thoughts
  7. Pattern Walks
  8. I’m Not Part of Me
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