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Sleeping Bag – Walk Home   From their forthcoming album Women Of Your Life, this indie pop gem isn’t a lyric heavy song.  Instead it is filled with happy guitars and even whistling!

Walk Home

Maitland – Embers  A two piece featuring an acoustic guitar and drums, this song starts very simple and then unfolds when the drums warm their way in.  From their 5 song ep released in October.


Pete Davis – O Holy Night   FOH favorite Pete Davis covers a Christmas standard with banjos, guitar and more.

Lost Animal – Say No To Thugs  A promising sign of a potentially great new artist, this track is taken from his debut full length due out in January of 2013.  You feel the influences but you can’t pin them down

Say No To Thugs

Buke & Gase – General Dome  The first single from their new album due in January is a rocker.  A pounding riff that has me very excited for next year!

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