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Loose Lips Sink Ships/Victor Villarreal split 7″

7cover - Loose Lips Sink Ships/Victor Villarreal split 7″


Two FOH favorites Loose Lips Sink Ships and Victor Villarreal have a split 7″ due out August 27th on Whaleplane Records.  The records will be pressed in black and a hand numbered limited edition of 500.  Victor will have a few for sale at Cap’n Jazz shows this summer and we will let you know when they are available for pre-order.

Track List

  1. Loose Lips Sink Ships – Sarah Palin’s Parasailing
  2. Victor Villarreal – Prophesying Hypothesis

Back Cover


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  • Good to see Whaleplane still in business.

    I know it seems like I make those comments a lot, but seriously it’s nice to know that there are some of the old one bedroom apartment record labels still pressing.

    Peace Cal,


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